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Message: Posted by: markofmagic (Dec 21, 2019 02:10AM)
It's time to mark your Calendar for our next big magic conference. March 13th and 14th 2020 at the Ramada Inn North Columbus Ohio. This year we are featuring Duane and Mary Laflin, Andrew and Jessica Hyder, Wes and Nattalle Iseli, and Matthew Hill (from the Doc Halley Magic company). Great lectures throughout the day on both Friday and Saturday, plus a big evening show on Friday. There will be a dealer room with lots of supplies for you to shop to purchase lots of new material and effects. There will be lots of drawlings throughout the conference. See our web-site for all the details. ohiofcm.com We hope to see you there
Message: Posted by: Russo (Dec 24, 2019 01:27PM)
Merry CHRISTmas and to all a Good Night - God Bless Every One -- Please don't take this as to be funny -- I mean every word to all on Magic Café --
as some of you may know, it's going to be a little hard without my Special one. Ralph
Message: Posted by: markofmagic (Jan 21, 2020 05:42AM)
Time is swiftly passing and we are making the final preparation for our March 13th and 14th 2020 conference. We have a great lineup of talented lecturers, performers and dealers for this years conference. There will be many door prize drawlings through out the conference plus good christian fellowship. Come out and join in the fun. See our web site ohiofcm.com for all the details Remember if you haven't been there in the last 5 years or bring a friend who hasn't been there in the last 5 years you and your guest will receive a $15.00 discount on your all's registration.
Message: Posted by: markofmagic (Feb 14, 2020 03:41AM)
In just one month we will be enjoying the fellowship and lectures of some top notch magicians at the Ohio Fellowship Of Christian Magicians. We would like to invite you all to come to the conference and join in on the fun, knowledge, and entertainment. See our web site ohiofcm.com for all the details.
Message: Posted by: Russo (Feb 22, 2020 03:28PM)
Over a week - miss all.
Message: Posted by: markofmagic (Feb 29, 2020 04:35AM)
Okay time is getting short, in just 13 days we will begin our 31st super conference. There will be a lot going on. Two days packed full of lectures, performances, and plenty of time to shop for the latest magic effects. We have some of the best gospel magic lecturers and performers this year. Featuring Duane and Mary Laflin, Andrew and Jessica Hyder, Wes and Natalie Isile, and Matthew Hill. You still have time to register or you can just show up and register at the door. Visit our web site (ohiofcm.com) for all the details. SEE YOU THERE !!!!!
Message: Posted by: Russo (Mar 1, 2020 09:56AM)
Easter is next month - several years ago I posted a "Crucifixion / Resurrection" effect- quite lengthy to reprint - find it by going to 'search' ---'user name - russo' --- 'date' Jan 17, 2013 '--- 'View Post' - If you can't find it, enough requests - I'll try to re-post it. Any comments appreciated- I've felt - sharing is like eating a peace of plain good cake - comments is 'frosting' - just have to be careful you don't get fat (headed) L-O-L- Many may know I lost my Wonderful Wife -married a Great 63 years - Peacefully Passed away 10-04-19 - corresponding with you all - helps the grieving process = also note and pray for us, a group of us in our Sr. Community (500) are forming a 'Bereavement Team' to give and get a shoulder.