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Topic: New to the Forums
Message: Posted by: Xeno (May 31, 2004 08:42AM)
Hi guys, I'm new to these forums, but I usually talk about magic on the ellusionist forums.
Here is a little bit about me.

Name: Brandon

Age: 16 years old

Types of magic that interest me are: Card magic, coin and money magic, manipulative magic, some comedy magic, mentalism, rope magic, stage magic, illusions, and silk magic.

Why I started in magic: I watched the world's greatest magic specials and when I was about 8 or 9 years old and was blown away and decided that I want to do stuff like that and now here I am.

First magic trick I learned: I think the first magic trick I learned was the trick Mac King teaches on the world's greatest magic were he rolls a fork in a napkin and unrolls it and the fork turns into a knife.

First magic book, video, or trick: The first magic book I read was called "the klutz book of magic".
Message: Posted by: GypsyPirate (May 31, 2004 11:52AM)
Welcome to the Café. Most of the big name magicians stop by here every once in awhile, and they are all willing to help out and give tips. I've had a lot of people help me out already with a lot of tricks, namely Healed and Sealed. Have a good time!
Message: Posted by: Jordan Piper (May 31, 2004 09:23PM)
Welcome to the Café Brandon. As gypsypirate mentioned some big names pop by once in awhile and some not so big names (but still experienced) pop by all the time, and everyone of them is willing to help you better your skills.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jun 1, 2004 03:10AM)
Welcome to [b]The Magic Café[/b]! :)