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Topic: Some vanishes, need advice if video is allright (no flashes)
Message: Posted by: Mozex (Jan 9, 2020 03:05PM)
Some vanishes. Is the video okay to put on youtube, its private now. With good I mean: is it too obvious or not but try to think as someone who knows nothing about magic.
Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Jan 11, 2020 10:05AM)
Perhaps consider a different style for the coin vanishes (or any small item). Think about it, the coin is a very small item. To smash both hands together rub them for a few seconds break them into two fists and then open them to show itís gone is in my opinion not very elegant nor magical. The motions seem more suited for the larger items. Good luck.
Message: Posted by: Mozex (Jan 11, 2020 11:03AM)
Thank you for the advice :)
The character that I want to put down is not elegant at all to be honest. He is a bit weird, he can smile but he can get very angry sometimes too. He is not really a elegant character.
I am also not going for the magician look.

But thank you very much for watching, that's nice of you! I showed this video to some people online and at work and they did not understand one thing of it. First they thought I just dropped it but then the second part of the video comes where I stand up, so the dropping it idea was gone quickly.
Message: Posted by: lizzard_king (Mar 12, 2020 05:20AM)
The vanishes were clean your posture was good too. If you are planing a routine personally I would go for a few different techniques that wouldn't need a lot of resetting. Just as an example with out giving anything away when you vanished the coin could you perform a slight and misdirect then ditch? I liked the cell phone vanish you did. It was a nice touch that you moved the screen it was defiantly a real phone. I think I would only vanish my own phone though if you know what I mean. This is not meant to be negative in any way only constructive when you did the other coin and lighter vanish the back lighting was probably not a good choice it could be viewed as obvious deception, and cause for suspicion although I believe it was not. You could have performed it just as clean standing with forwards lighting as well. Great effort on developing your stage or performance persona humorous expressions for sure. cheers brother keep up the good work and practicing.