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Topic: Impossible Close-Up Magic, Kosby
Message: Posted by: Yuji (May 31, 2004 03:51PM)
Any review for Impossible Close-Up Magic by Kosby?
Message: Posted by: Pebkac (May 31, 2004 05:25PM)
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The magic contained on this video is absolutely great. I will admit
that Ray does not seem like the best performer, but it has been my
experience that most videos and DVD's show a performer as such. Much
of the magic is based on his Raise Rise move which was originally
published in Magical Arts Journal, in a severely simplified manner.
The video will show you the "real work" and will likely make you
reassess your own skills. The highlight of the tape, to me, is the
spectator picking the four aces.

If you are willing to do the work, the tape/DVD will be worth a
purchase. If you are not someone that likes to practice, then you
will be better off looking elsewhere.

That being said, every time I have done effects from this video I
have gotten amazing reactions, from both laypeople and magicians.
Are there easier ways of doing some of these effects? Yes. Are they
better dramatically? That's up to argument.

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Message: Posted by: green (Jun 1, 2004 10:24AM)
Don't buy it if your skills are not so advanced
Message: Posted by: Elmsley4 (Jul 13, 2004 08:45PM)
Okay, you guys are thinking of Impossible CARD magic. Yuji wants a review of his OTHER DVD, Impossible Close-Up magic. I like the DVD. I have both his card and close-up dvd. I'll be honest, I like his card DVD better, but there is some decent material on his close-up dvd.

His routine he's probably most known for is him eating a red apple, and the next second, it's green. This is a nice effect, and easily doable. Other items of note are his barehanded matrix that uses no S****LS or Gaffs. Let me know if you're interested in trading!
Message: Posted by: S.Segal (Jul 13, 2004 09:22PM)
Yeah Elmsley you're right... In fact anyone else wants some other views about this DVD (originally called "WOW! Its Ray Kosby") try these 2 links:



As for my view, I really enjoyed this DVD. His handling for the Goshman "4" routine is excellent, his re-sealing soda can is brilliant, and the ball penetration through the plastic bag is great. All of the stuff is just as VISUAL as his card magic.

Message: Posted by: ragingcalm (Aug 27, 2004 08:47AM)
COuld someone write a more complete review of this please. Cheers,