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Topic: RIP Roy Walton
Message: Posted by: alexhui (Feb 4, 2020 07:15AM)
Just read a tweet from Jerry Sadowitz that legend magician/creator Roy Walton has passed away...

Very upset to hear that my friend and hero Roy Walton has died. The greatest card magician and the most exemplary human being I ever knew. Real giants move quietly among us and this one managed Tam Shepherd's Joke Shop in Glasgow for fifty years. Devastated. [/quote]

Alex Hui
Hong Kong
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Feb 4, 2020 08:42AM)
Terrible news. Rest in Peace Roy.
Message: Posted by: magikmax (Feb 4, 2020 09:06AM)
Many happy memories of visiting Tam Shepherd's as a lad with my mum, and getting a smile and a wink from Roy as he would demonstrate tricks for me. I still use the colour monte set and hardback copy of Royal Road I bought from him nearly 30 years ago. A true gentleman.
Message: Posted by: Bob Farmer (Feb 4, 2020 04:58PM)
One of the greatest magicians ever. A real gentlemen and a genius. It's a very sad day.
Message: Posted by: HofzinsersFan (Feb 5, 2020 04:10PM)
A sad day for card magic and everyone who follows his work. Condolences to his family and friends.
Message: Posted by: kenny kadabra (Feb 6, 2020 05:57AM)
Our friend and master of the cards , Mr Roy Walton passed away today...as a Glaswegian and a card worker, he will be sorely missed!!!! He taught me my first double lift in his shop ( Tan Shepherds) , and I still use it till this day!@ 30 years later..Goodbye Roy, x
Message: Posted by: Rupert Pupkin (Feb 6, 2020 05:58AM)
A true genius, a kind, giving man, and a foundational magic thinker. He will be missed, but his contributions to magic are immortal.

Message: Posted by: Griff (Feb 6, 2020 05:59AM)
I met Roy in his shop several years ago while on vacation in Glasgow. What a kind and generous man! He showed me several card effects, some not even published. Beautiful stuff! I bought both of his books and he signed them personally to me. The highlight of the entire vacation. Thank you for that Roy.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Feb 6, 2020 06:00AM)
Sad to hear this. I had the pleasure over the years to play again and again with a few of Roy's wonderful card tricks, and to be once gifted with his brilliant, "The Complete Walton, vol.1," an amazing book. He was a very clever magic creator and card man, and will be greatly missed.

R.I.P. sir.
Message: Posted by: tomsk192 (Feb 7, 2020 07:51AM)
Oh my goodness, this is just terrible news. I have the complete Walton signed by Roy, purchased from Tam's a few years ago. I was leafing through it only the other day and looked forward to visiting next time I was in Glasgow. RIP to a gent, a scholar, and the finest card magician I ever saw.
Message: Posted by: Scottish Magic (Feb 17, 2020 08:55PM)
I was sad to see that Roy was gone. I visited Tam Shepards (sadly only went in once in the 30 years living Glasgow before then) when I just got seriously into magic a few years ago, had a nice chat with Roy and enjoyed some displays of his magic. He sold me a few things including The Royal Road to Card Magic with the advice to work though the book in order and not to skip parts (sound advice). I wish I had taken the dive into magic so much sooner been able to talk to and learn from him with deeper understanding of the art.

Goodbye Roy and thanks for the advice to someone starting out.