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Topic: Valentines Day
Message: Posted by: Russo (Feb 5, 2020 10:57AM)
Use 4 (?) cards -- 2 blue back / with black pips - one red back / with the Queen of Hearts - and another Queen of hearts -cut diagonal. The diagonal taped to the front, of the back pip card - so when in a fan you see a black pip card- red queen -a black pip card- Now, full Red Queen(with red back) is slipped behind the flap card - BUT THAT FULL RED QUEEN OF HEARTS has a picture of YOUR LOVED' ONE - Show fan with Queen of hearts (flap) in the middle. Turn fan face down showing the Blue & Red back( Queen of Hearts) cards- With fan down - remove Red back card (YOUR LOVE) - place it face down on a ???palm - ask what card it is - turning 'it' over - "it's MY QUEEN OF HEARTS" Hope you understand??????????? LOVE / BLESSING to ALL. Ralph (russo) Rousseau