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Topic: Welsh Miller. 👍
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Feb 12, 2020 04:50PM)
,with a good book.
,a good babe.
,a dry nest.
let's stay with the Books.

A fellow here at the Magic Café sent me a nice book,
"to keep me warm thru the winter."
('Landmark',..i really recommend his blog: https://jackshalom.net
...it's a pleasure every morning!)

'The Vernon Touch'.
I actually just open it here and there,...
It takes me,...time to digest.
I really enjoy it,..
but it's NOT a 'blitz-book'.
It's Chocolait Cream Cheese(!),..with whipped cream book.

Still, Mr. Vernon started talking in March of '72..
"...I feel that the great trouble with a lot of clever magicians is that they tend to 'cheapen'
magic by doing it literally at the drop of a hat(!)...
on street corners, in the market, ect....
You don't see other show people doing this.
...Magicians seem to think that everyone is dying to see a trick.
....This doesn't give the Art any dignity at all."

hee hee hee. ☺️ (That was Dick Oslund laughing!)

The funny thing is, however, in September '81,
Dai talks about...'Prominent Coin Manipulators,..of days gone by'
"Actually there were four,..
and needless to say the best known was T. Nelson Downs.
The others were Allen Shaw, Manuel, and.....Welsh Miller."

Welsh Miller?

Mr, Vernon continues.
"Welsh Miller who probably invented the Coin Wand,
but most certainly originated sundry coin droppers
still in use today.
Unlike the others, he eliminated card work in his act.
Also unlike the others he never appeared in the big time.
Hard to believe, he would get on the subway trains in New York,
nonchalantly set up a folding table in the aisle and actually present his act.
Often he followed the act with a brief religious discussion."

In March '70, Dai mentions Welsh again.
"Welsh Miller,..he was really a character.
He eventually ended his life by jumping out of a window,
but he got religion. (🙃 !)
Welsh used to go the subways to Brooklyn and pull out
a collapsible table and set it up the train and start doing magic.
As soon as somebody said something to him,
he'd start preaching religion, and it always wound up in a fracas
of some kind and the guard would put him off the train.
They didn't mind when he was entertaining people...

Welsh had a trick I saw him do....
He would put a card on the wall
and the card would crawl up the wall. (!)
He had a cockroach with wax on its back (!)
and he would stick the card on the cockroach
and the cockroach would climb up the wall!
It was really funny because nobody could figure out
how he did it.
Magicians thought he used threads or something like that.
Welsh was quite famous....."

,good stories(!).
Good storys,.
.and chocolait.
They also make winters 'worthwhile'!
Welsh Miller,...one the 'Prominent Coin Manipulators',..
a Street Performer,..
'an Artist de la Choo-choo'... ☺️
we're thinking of you tonight.. 👍

Thanks for the storys.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Feb 12, 2020 10:26PM)
Let us know what happens when your beautiful lady finds out you are collecting cockroaches for your magic performances.
Message: Posted by: Goldfield (Feb 15, 2020 05:18PM)
Touching.. to breathe life into magi of the past. thank you 🎩