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Topic: Intimate Mysteries!
Message: Posted by: John Carey (Feb 29, 2020 06:55PM)
Ah Sunday at last! A day to relax and unwind. Why not grab a deck of cards and a coffee and chill out and learn three new very subtle and strong effects in this weeks new release in my Shh, itís a secret E series, called Intimate Mysteries!

Two of the effects are of a Mentalism type category, where in one you empower your participant to read your mind and divine a number you thought of. This is very sneaky, cheeky and so useable! Secondly, thereís a powerful divination effect of one country thought of from ten. Itís 99 per cent presentation and so much fun to do.

Last up is my Open Travellerís 2020. Sometimes known as the invisible palm effect, I honestly love the way Iíve reworked this classic effect with a very strong kicker finish. No tough moves or palms, just solid and practical routining and construction. You will use this, I promise!

Intimate Mysteries is just £10 pounds and you can order the ebook by paypal at: johncareymagic@gmail.com

A big thank you to everybody whose been supporting these projects in recent weeks. If you missed out on previous releases simply head over to my magic shop, John Careyís Magic Shop on Facebook.

Have a great day😊