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Topic: Mini Review - In Focus by Joel Dickinson & Andrew Dean
Message: Posted by: alexhui (Mar 1, 2020 10:07AM)
In Focus by Joel Dickinson & Andrew Dean from Real Workers is a very nice tool for card to impossible location.

Unlike other similar effects which may take up pocket space or end dirty, ĎIn Focusí employs a clever gimmick to accomplish a very clean switch without need of any pocket space. It doesnít end clean entirely but the fact that everything can be shown openly (and with no suspicious prop) ensures that audience wonít suspect at all.

The tutorialís length is 9 minutes & 16 seconds. It is hosted by Andrew Dean in medium shot for the entire video.

(Length in minutes)⠀
Total Length - 9:16
Gimmick - 1:44
Switch - 4:03⠀
Other Objects - 0:53⠀
Adjustment & Maintenance - 2:56 ⠀

Andrew has done a good job explaining the working of the gimmick, and how to make it work perfectly. However, there is no routine explained or even lack the explanation of the core move to handle the selection. It may be no issue for experienced performers but will be a huge issue for beginners or people just start doing this kind of magic. For completeness of the product, it should definitely be explained. ⠀

As for the gimmick, it is durable but there is delicate part which needs constant maintenance per 100-200 performances. And there is simple clothing requirement.

At £39.99, itís a good deal for such a high quality product. Itís ideal and practical for strolling magicians. I highly recommend it.

Final Verdict: ☆8/10

Itís available at https://www.realworkers.co.uk

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