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Topic: Relax and enjoy this FREE Magic Video Download from KRANZO MAGIC!!!
Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Mar 15, 2020 06:52PM)
Relax, and watch the cool magic video for free...

Interesting times...with people stock piling toilet paper and everybody canceling everything.......

You might need a little CALM in the midst all the chaos.

So my gift to you is one of the highlights from my Magic Lecture.

A FREE video download.

All I ask in return is that you can do me a huge favor....................cool???

Can you please share this FREE video download with someone else who might enjoy learning some new magic??? Thatís it. Thatís the deal. ;)

Message: Posted by: Romano911 (Mar 15, 2020 07:35PM)
Thanks, Nate!
Message: Posted by: davidpaul$ (Mar 15, 2020 07:51PM)
Thanks Nathan. That was fun. :thanx:
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Mar 15, 2020 08:16PM)
Is that little blue shirt a viagra shirt? Seems to have affected your zipper. :lol: <ó little blue laugh
Message: Posted by: Bill08 (Mar 18, 2020 11:39PM)
Thanks! A+++ Solid material for the sleight of hand workers