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Topic: Le Mouchoir du Diable
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Mar 28, 2020 02:16PM)
Invented in France around 1876, "Le Mouchoir du Diable" or as it is known in English - "The Devil's Handkerchief" counts as a really useful accessory when you have something you want to make appear, disappear, or transform. In 2006, Professor Spellbinder made a variation which he renamed "Angel's Hank." In 2007, I came up with my own variation which I named "Imp Hank." Spellbinder's variation was published in The Wizards' Journal #11 under the name "Ring to Nested Boxes" and a second variation named "Pink Panther Mystery". Now, after all those years, I have published my "Imp Hank" secret in The Wizards' Journal #42 under the unlikely name of "Imp Hank." It is the smallest and least pretentious of accessories and specializes in vanishing a finger ring, or a small bracelet. Anything with a hole in it. Feel free to pick holes in my accessory, but I think you will use it often.