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Topic: Law of the Streets
Message: Posted by: Nickoli Sharpe (Apr 9, 2020 04:53PM)
Howdy folks,
Been sometime since Iíve done a street show and all booked events
Have been canceled (some till next year)
Sooo Iím sure we all have plenty of time to read and work on routines.
Ran across this among the magic books.

The Law of The Streets
1. First come first served- refrain from asking whoís next?
2. Do good then disappear
3. Abstain from borrowing money, or routines
4. Ignore the impulse to improve or regulate anyone- expect yourself
5. Everybodyís friend is everybodyís fool
6. Nothing great is ever done without enthusiasm
7. Live today as though it were your last
8. Never despair- but if you do work on despair
9. Disarm by charm. Never insult someone to get a laugh
10. Blend and bend


We have some great advice from a legend.
Stay safe and look forward to seeing you on the streets.