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Topic: Abbott's Modernistic Amputation
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Apr 12, 2020 04:44PM)
I have bee going through some of my magic closets and came across some cool vintage props I forgot about...Abbott's Modernistic Amputation, Warren Stephens Telesphesia chalkboard effect, etc.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Apr 12, 2020 07:30PM)
Just sold one. Had the “deceptive striping” already added. I was told it was extra.

Message: Posted by: Brian Thomas (Jun 23, 2020 05:24PM)
I think Abbott's also offered the plans for this effect. Pretty sure I purchased them (long ago... when I was young... late 1970s or early 1980s). I must go looking for them, for sure I have them somewhere. I don't know why I bought them... I have zero woodworking skills and never could have built it... probably just to see how it worked. Anyways, thanks for posting. I'm going to hunt down those plans just for fun.