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Topic: Managing video downloads, DVDs, cloud accounts
Message: Posted by: griz326 (Apr 15, 2020 03:30PM)
I hope this is in the correct forum. It is intended as a general review of what I thought was a problem back in the early 90s as the transition from books/pamphlets to VHS tapes, then DVDs, then online downloads, and now cloud accounts that keep the magic you've purchased became usual and customary. (I refuse to say, "the new normal" ;) )

Video of any kind is a TERRIBLE teaching medium. When I stopped performing magic for a living, I signed on with a global company and eventually became their online training sage. I mention this because mine is not the opinion of a disgruntled purchaser of magic effects, but as a guy who worked out many of the kinks in delivering effective, online, corporate training for technical products.

In no particular order here are the problems that I see:

*** How long will your online videos be available? I've already seen partner licensing agreements expire, but what happens when a provider goes out of business?
*** When trying to learn a complex routine, how do you "rewind" the video to the spot with a clear view of the move? Various online video providers have rewind methods, but I've not seen precision rewinding.
*** Anti-piracy keys block copying a functioning copy from a DVD to a storage disc.
*** Copying VHS tapes into a digital format requires special equipment; most people do have a way to do it.

I've been thinking about this because I probably have 200+ magic videos scattered around Penguin, Vanishing, Magic Masters, Vimeo, and probably places that I've forgotten about. If those places go out of business, my "magic investment" is about as valuable as Confederate currency!

Our corporate video captions were translated into 17 languages. A text script was available from a link within the video. Each video had an index to jump to any marker within the video. These functions greatly enhanced the usefulness of these videos for many of our staff and customers. Digital video software is more feature-rich today than it was when I introduced these practices before I retired, surely such features could be used in magic videos.