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Topic: Question - Liam Montier's Essential Card Magic Toolbox
Message: Posted by: scott25 (Apr 29, 2020 11:03PM)
Hey gang,

I have heard great things about this DVD set but haven't pulled the trigger yet as I'm a bit partial to over the shoulder instruction. (I learn much better this way, especially during more complex sleights) For those that own any of the dvds in the set, is the teaching clear, despite the lack of o.t.s. teaching? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: disgruntledpuffin (May 2, 2020 11:43AM)
The teaching is exceptionally clear, Liam is very good at imparting information to others. You will not find these DVDs hard to learn from at all.
Message: Posted by: scott25 (May 2, 2020 09:44PM)
Fantastic, thank you very much!