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Topic: Simon Aronson db ace trick
Message: Posted by: Greg Kiefer (May 3, 2020 11:17AM)
Hi all! I was a longtime subscriber of MAGIC magazine and am looking for an Simon Aronson ace transposition trick. I do not recall the name or when this trick was published in the Magic magazine. Attached to the article was a db Ace card. All I can remember was the few times that Iíve performed the published card trick was how stunned the spectators were. I am trying to recall how the trick plays out as I have forgotten the all important switch. Any help locating the year and month when this trick was published would be greatly appreciated!
Message: Posted by: Rik Gazelle (May 4, 2020 04:26AM)
Could it be "About Face" in the September 2007 issue?
Message: Posted by: Greg Kiefer (May 10, 2020 09:51AM)

That was it! I certainly appreciate your response.