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Topic: Prayer Vase, Genii Bottle, Vase of Allah
Message: Posted by: cinefisch (May 5, 2020 05:07PM)
We've all had one of these in our first magic kit. There is a routine for it in the Mark Wilson course. Big Guy's magic is producing a modern version of this classic effect that offers some interesting handlings. I had the pleasure of filming this video promo and working with Big Guy to come up with some of these new moves. He added something he calls the "Magic Carpet" which muffles the sound of that secret something (the Genii!!) that makes the effect work. The design of the vase is beautiful and it comes in 5 different designs. It's shape allows you to roll it (as seen in the trailer) which is a subtle display of its emptiness and also allows you to insert the rope from a horizontal position. Because of the "carpet you can more freely and naturally insert and remove the rope between suspensions. Another interesting feature is that, when inverted, the vase make a little pedestal where you could rest an item, such as a prediction card or your deck. It is really fun to play around with. Here is the video trailer;

Message: Posted by: Julie (May 7, 2020 05:05AM)
One of the best versions of this trick IMO is the one with a five inch or so long rubber fish in place of the vase. The piece of rope represented a fishing line.

This was part of the MAGICWORKS (Reiss?) series that was sold through conventional retail stores and promoted on some t.v. advertising many years ago.

The special feature was that the performer did not need to steal a little hidden ball before allowing the fish to be handled by a spectator (no palming in or out).

Anyone else remember this "goodie"?

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (May 8, 2020 09:32PM)
MagicWorks was Milton Bradley.

Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jun 4, 2020 02:15PM)
In 2015, I released my favorite routine from those early years of playing around in the back of the magic shop with all those toys. What I came up with is not just one trick, but a combination of many old effects built around the idea that a silk, on which a Genii is printed, appears and disappears in a bottle and does various other mysterious and mischievous things. Some of the old effects recreated for the Genii to play with include: The Imp Bottle, The Prayer Vase, The Hoo-Coin, The Demuth Milk Bottle, Floating Bottle, Dancing Hank, Silk-Kola, Appearing and Disappearing Bottle and a "Magic Carpet."
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jun 16, 2020 02:04PM)
Nice spin on an original effect ... excellent!
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jun 17, 2020 07:22PM)
Very nice video cinefisch!

The vases look great. What are they made of?
Message: Posted by: motown (Mar 8, 2021 01:02PM)
I was curious what the vase was made off as well.