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Topic: Entertaining Card Magic by Cy Endfield? Is it worth it?
Message: Posted by: JoshDude849 (May 12, 2020 11:26AM)
I've heard from a few people (including Michael Vincent) that this book is a great book. Would anybody here recommend it? Thinking about making a purchase.
Message: Posted by: karnak (May 13, 2020 04:34PM)
I have to ask: is the author the same Cy Endfield as the film director?
Message: Posted by: HofzinsersFan (May 13, 2020 08:10PM)
It is the film director, yes. :dance:
Message: Posted by: mlippo (May 14, 2020 02:07AM)
[quote]On May 13, 2020, karnak wrote:
I have to ask: is the author the same Cy Endfield as the film director? [/quote]

Michael Vincent considers him (along with Alan Alan) one of his mentors...

Message: Posted by: EvilClown (May 20, 2020 10:51AM)
Well worth the price, but not the easiest material to learn.
Message: Posted by: Max Milagro (May 23, 2020 05:26PM)
Get it! I bought the book as a youngster. I learned and relearned every sleight in the book. Still using the overhand false shuffle. It teaches some basic cuts, counts, shuffles, double lifts etc. And yes there are some very very fine tricks in the book. I spend endless days and nights learning Two to Divine, Conjure Bones, The Escape of the Musketeers and many many others. What the heck, I learned them all. It gave me the foundation of everything I do in card magic these days. And please don't forget Aces for Connoisseurs, a very artistic ace assembly. It was my entry for joining my first magic club.
Did I already tell you I just love this book!?
Message: Posted by: JoshDude849 (May 26, 2020 04:51PM)
Very nice.

Just received the bound edition today. Tricks and slights look fantastic.

Very excited.