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Topic: Please help with penetrating elastics !!!
Message: Posted by: pwagorn (Jul 23, 2002 11:49PM)
I'm trying to follow this:

I get lost around the "bring index finger up into loop X" part.....

The explanation is confusing!

email me @ pwagorn@pinc.com
If you can help

Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (Jul 24, 2002 07:38AM)
Hello Pwagorn,

The instructions at the link you gave do not do justice to this great effect. Please check out the more detailed presentation by Michael Ammar called "The Crazy Man's Handcuff's." You can find it in his book
"The Magic of Michael Ammar" which is a little expensive, or sold separately at places like


There are some deep principles and psychology of magic in this seemingly small illusion. Please look into it beyond the simple description you have seen.

One other note: Don't give up because you don't see the effect happening right off the bat. Keep following the instructions exactly for ten minute periods over three days. Suddenly it will click, and you will see a wonderful illusion happening in your hands.


Message: Posted by: pwagorn (Jul 24, 2002 12:28PM)
Anywhere I can find it that I don't have to buy a whole book? That's really the only one I'm interested in. In fact, I used to do this trick, but haven't done it in so long, I forgot the mechanics of it.
Message: Posted by: Dr. JK (Jul 24, 2002 09:24PM)
Yes, you can get Crazy Man's Hancuffs as a separate manuscript. Hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: tla (Nov 26, 2002 12:06AM)
Perhaps you have forgotten the wonder of the trick when you first saw it performed. Go to a magic shop if one is close and ask to see it performed.
Give this impromptu penetration illusion the time it deserves and it will serve you well. You'll have people saying, "Do that again," and you can.
Message: Posted by: Bascomb Grecian (Nov 28, 2002 04:05PM)
If you think that decription was poor, look at the explanation in the "Elastrix" book.

Years ago, when this book first came out, I pulled my hair out trying to get the method and working down. If you read this today and perform the effect you will see magic's worst example of teaching a trick.

I finally got it however, with much pain and suffering.
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Nov 29, 2002 11:12AM)
This is a strong effect and worthy of much practice.

When you get the basic effect down, there are some variations that make the effect even stronger like penetration while they are stretched. (Meaning that the hands do not come back together!!!)

But get the original perfected before attempting the variation!


Message: Posted by: magic hands (Nov 30, 2002 06:23AM)

If I had to learn CMH by that text and pictures I never would have learned. Michael Ammar's book is the very best.
Message: Posted by: MarkusC (Dec 2, 2002 03:28AM)
Had to throw my two cents in. Crazy Man's Handcuffs was one of the first effects I learned, after having seen it performed at a dinner function by a professional.

I purchased the booklet by Michael Ammar but, being a klutz, was unable to perform it correctly.

However, after purchasing the video by Michael Ammar, Classic Renditions Volume 2, I could do it after about an hour. The vid has these practice sessions where you follow the moves along with the video:


If you have an aversion to learning material from text, I would say get the video.