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Topic: What a coincidence!
Message: Posted by: magicsoup (Jun 6, 2004 12:38AM)
I did a show for a group thqat had an inside joke going throughout their entire conference. Apperantly soem guy told a really bad joke about a guy named kevin dressed in drag getting a kiss by a cabbie. This group kept referring to kevin. Before I was on the MC Said something about how he was the mc not by choice...and then after a pause he said, "Hello, my name is kevin..." This got a big laugh. That's the background.

I did a prediction effect where I have number of people up front who have all chosen cards. A person is ion the audience with a prediction card. The person holding the box with the prediction chooses one of the people up front and they show their card. It was the queen of hearts. The guy takes the card out of the box and the prediction is right but it has the name Kevin written on it. They loved it. I had no idea about the Kevin busniess and the card had a name on it just by chance. The guy who hired me thought I really did my homework when really it was a card from an old deck that just happened to be signed by a guy named Kevin. It was a great end to the show!