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Topic: Looking for a pocket magic wand ?
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Jun 6, 2004 02:37PM)

I'm looking for a small magic wand with metal tips OR a kind of telescopic wand?
Any good sources please?
Message: Posted by: Bill Thomas (Jun 6, 2004 06:45PM)
The Magic Warehouse sells a 10" long, very thin wand, 5/16 round. It is called the "Telic" wand. I have one and I love it. It fits right inside a jacket pocket very nicely. If you go to the Supplies section of http://www.MagicWarehouse.com you can see it. It has metal tips and like I said, it is very nice.

Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Jun 6, 2004 07:13PM)

Doug Malloy is advertising some really nice looking wands that would fit in your pocket. Here's the link:


Message: Posted by: geemack (Jun 6, 2004 07:54PM)
I make a thin, brass tipped wooden wand. It's 14 inches long, maybe a bit longer than pocket sized. It is graceful and trim, and works for lots of close-up purposes. You can look at them here... [url=http://www.mtco.com/~gmcneil/wands/index.html]close-up wands[/url]

Message: Posted by: Mercury52 (Jun 6, 2004 08:57PM)
Sankey sells Streeeetch (not sure how many e's) which is a small wooden wand that stretches out to finally be 6 inches or so. I think they have a demo at Penguin.

Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Jun 6, 2004 09:52PM)

I just looked at your site; you do beautiful work!

Message: Posted by: deerbourne (Jun 6, 2004 10:36PM)
Penguin Magic has a very nice wand that has a threaded brass joint in the middle with brass tips. Here's a link to it on their European site:


Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Jun 9, 2004 11:41PM)
The wands at Malloy's look awesome!
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ed (Jun 10, 2004 10:50AM)
The wands at Malloy's do look great. The only problem I have is that they are anodized. My experience is that anodized scratches easily. I saw these wands at a lecture earlier this year. He was asking a lot more than than he is now. I'd be concerned about these wearing out with a ring on wand routine or from other regular use.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jun 29, 2004 11:01PM)
The ones I use came from an airport card shop. They are really swizzle sticks made of plastic. They are very durable, true to design, and water proof!

They were also cheap for an airport shop. They were six to a pack and about $2.00. (So I got 24 of them!)

I've never seen them anywhere else. But if I did have a better supply I would use them as give-aways.

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