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Topic: Reviews of "Rubinstein Coin Magic" by Dr. Michael Rubinstein
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Jun 15, 2020 01:18PM)
I honestly believe this book will set a new bar in the realm of "Books about Coin Magic". I have also put my review on sites I often buy my magic books from like Penguin and Vanishing Inc, so you may have read this already. I will add other thoughts in the thread as they come along but I ENCOURAGE others to add their thoughts to the thread. Enjoy. :-)

I am going to start out with stating the fact that "Modern Coin Magic / The New Modern Coin Magic" by J.J. Bobo have recently been "called out" or "de-throned" as the "Bible" of coin magic. This has come up more often in the last year or two by many (Most notably Curtis Kam on his Reel Magic Series and Rick Holcombe on his YouTube channel). This is not to say that Bobo's Book does not contain very powerful effects and sleights, just that there are now some better out there and it contains outdated material.

It does not leave a lot out there as far as "large" coin magic books like "Expert Coin Magic" and "Coin Magic" by Richard Kaufman. There are some very good / great underground to notable smaller books also and recently we got a decent sized book about the coin magic of Geoff Latta that has been well received.

Now enter Dr. Michael Rubinstein's enormous tome - "Rubinstein Coin Magic". I was one of the lucky few to have pre-ordered directly from Michael before it was even in his hands from the printers and even luckier to get mine he Friday of Memorial Day Weekend (before he was asked, or told, not to ship any more until the official release date) so I have been able to read it in it's entirety and re-read parts of special interest to me.

I will say, along with many of the more seasoned and well read contributors, who had early paper edit copies, that this book is certainly a contender for the title. It will most likely be the new "must have" for anyone serious about coin magic. The book is huge, well written, easy to understand as well as follow along and the photos are incredibly well taken from the proper angles. The work that went into producing this book must have been mind numbing (which is ok because we will enter the "Twilight Zone" as well as alternate realities of it. That means a few different methods for those not familiar with his famed effect he performed on "Penn and Teller's Fool Us". One of the versions is brand new and never seen print before (hint, it is one of my favorites in the book).

Along with routines, he teaches many of his sleights from the years of working with them and I was pleasantly surprised that the first to be taught is "R.O.P.S." and I have not quite been doing it right for a long time. I am working on fixing that with a good bit of success using his step by step teaching in the book rather than following my old dvd too quickly and missing some important elements of the move.

If you have ever seen him perform, you will surely know that he doesn't let a good (or bad) pun go to waste. It is his character. Not the one he plays, it is too genuine to not be a real endearing part of him. Luckily, He has devoted a chapter to his favorite puns which you can read to use, read to enjoy or skip it entirely (without any of it accidentally "shtick-ing" to you).

If you are serious about wanting to do great coin magic based on his works and the many other great coin magicians who added contributions, this really is a "must have". It covers a lifetime of work from one of the first coin guys to put out a VHS series back in the day and being a force behind the scenes of the 16 vol "New York Coin Magic Seminar" DVD series.

I will leave you with this... Buy the book, it is already almost sold out and awaiting a second printing. For more in-depth reviews, check the Magic Cafι and similar forums as I am sure they will be popping up as others make their way thru the book. Give them time, it is a big one, but you will not go wrong getting this book.
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Jun 16, 2020 09:19AM)
Its in second printing now and will be available at Reel Magic soon....
I just haven't put it on the site because its not available
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jun 17, 2020 11:32AM)
Thank you Poof-daddy! Looking forward to hearing from others who got the book!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jun 23, 2020 08:20AM)
From Instagram:
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jul 7, 2020 06:55PM)
Found in the coin section:
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jul 9, 2020 08:30AM)
Here is a reminder of what is in the book:
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jul 24, 2020 09:42PM)
They're BA-ACK!! All ordered books going out in the next few days. I still have some left for signing, so if interested, shoot me an email at rubinsteindvm@aol.com
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Jul 24, 2020 10:21PM)
I'm gonna say this one time and one time only. Buy direct from Michael while he still has some. His numbers are limited and you can request a signed copy (specify your name if you are using paypal in a different family members name to avoid confusion) and you also receive a nice special gift when buying direct. Do not miss out. This book is literally going to be a top 3 recommended coin book for many years to come (and very well may surpass "New Modern Coin Magic" by J.J. Bobo. It is that good (not just my opinion).
Message: Posted by: bassinator (Jul 28, 2020 02:27PM)
I agree with Poof-Daddy. No matter what your skill level, you will want to have this in your library if you study coin magic. I'm new to magic but this book will give me so much to work on and I doubt I'll ever master it all.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jul 31, 2020 06:59AM)
Some of the guys talking about Rubinstein Coin Magic. Available at your favorite magic dealer, AND I STILL have a few that I can sign (and they come with an exclusive free gift!!). After these, I probably won't be getting any more to sign, so last chance before these babies are GONE!! You can write for ordering information to rubinsteindvm@aol.com


Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jul 31, 2020 04:41PM)
New review just in:

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Aug 5, 2020 10:31AM)
Good review by Francis Menotti in the August issue of Genii magazine. The reprint is selling out fast, and I no longer have any copies left. Be sure to get one (might still be at your favorite magic dealer) before the reprint is all sold out!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Aug 10, 2020 06:10PM)
Got a couple nice emails:
From W.L -
"Hi Mike, the book made it in on Friday but I haven’t been able to put it down. Thank you for the penguin dvd! Having lots of fun with the ROPS move. Another great book from a master of the art." 

From W.A. -
"Hi Dr. Rubinstein,
The book is a marvel!  A wonder!  The content is beyond excellent, and the appearance and production are first rate.

Since copies are dwindimg at the distributor, I managed to snare two more copes that are available for signing. All come with a special FREE GIFT! For ordering information, shoot me an email at rubinsteindvm@aol.com
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Aug 12, 2020 05:57PM)
Video review from Craig Petty and his son Ryland:
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Aug 23, 2020 06:53AM)
Thanks to the over 1100 magicians who have taken the plunge and bought Rubinstein Coin Magic! Supplies of the reprint are dwindling, so be sure to pick one up before they sell out again! I love it when people are having fun with the material in the book. Here is an example...
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 5, 2020 08:42AM)
Hi, found this great review by Richard Stone on the Propdog site:


What a FANTASTIC book! If I only get one thing I can use from a book, I am happy. But I can't believe how much great stuff there is inside Rubinstein Coin Magic! Moves I immediately learned to improve what I was doing (the Put Back Move is ingenious!), and many new Spellbound moves, click passes, changeover palms, and his famous R.O.P.S. move (still working on that one!). There are so many great routines as well, that you can carry around for walk around or a formal show. I now carry with me everywhere and do Magnetic Coins and Ungimmicked Copper Silver Brass (and you can use the same coins to do a bunch or other stuff as well!). And not only is the the patter and explanation for his Penn and Teller Wild Coin in the book, but several variations including an impromptu one that you can just do anywhere! Can't say enough good things about this book. Thank you Dr. Rubinstein for sharing this gift with the magic fraternity
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 5, 2020 08:45AM)
Here is another review from the Penguin site:
Andy Y from PA on August 26th, 2020

Rubinstein Coin Magic will become a classic. There is no doubt on that from me. You will want to read through it a second or third time. It rivals other coin magic books that I keep in high regard. It goes toe to toe with David Roth's Coin Magic and Al Schneider Magic. It not only has amazing effects in it, it reads easy. It is like reading a Harry Lorayne book.It also doesn't explain what the effect is at the beginning of the effect you must read through to understand. You will also find a range of effects ranging from beginner to advanced. Some use some unusual gaffs, but you should still be able to get them with some looking around. It has a great range of effects with some effects having multiple ways to accomplish the effect. There is a also a killer friends section.

On yeah there is a whole section on puns (first thing I read).

This is easily a 5 star book.

The Contents are:
FOREWORD by Bill Wells
1. R.O.P.S. Move
2. R.O.P.S. New Theory Retention Pass
3. R.O.P.S. Click Pass
4. R.O.P.S. Double Click Pass

1. Variation Retention Pass
2. The Bronx Take
3. Miracle One Hand Coin Vanish
4. Roll-Down Retention Pass
5. Fingertip Shuttle Pass
6. Fingertip Shuttle-Pass Display
7. Palm-Down Fingertip Shuttle Pass
8. Fingertip Load
9. Tap Load
10. Spellbound Changeover Palm
11. Spellbound Changeover-Palm Variation and Display
12. Nowhere Palm Changeover Palm
13. Rubinstein Put-back Move

1. Rubinstein Click Pass
2. Air Drop Click Pass
3. Turnover Double Click Pass
4. Snap Down Double Click Pass
5.Nowhere Palm Click Pass
6. Nowhere Palm Double Click Pass
7. Fan Double Click Pass
8. Reverse Double Click Pass

1. Impromptu Touch Change
2. The Wave Change
3. The Rubinstein Steal Back
4. Flip-Over Change
5. The Soft change
6. The Strike Change
7. The Rub Change
8. Spellbound 9333
9. The Blow Change
10. The Cartwheel Change
11. Spellbound Times Three
12. Triple E.G. Spell

1. The PH (Pseudo Himber) Count
2. The Fidget Count
3. The R.O.P.S Discrepancy Count
4. The Combination Count
5. The Click Steal Back
6. The Clip Steal Back
7. Purse-Palm Subtlety
8. Fingertip Utility Switch
9. Angle-Finger Palm Switch
10. Multi-Coin Angle-Palm Switch
11. The Slide Move
12. Crossed Arms Subtlety
13. The Rubinstein Subtlety

1. Matting
2. Pocket Management

1. The Purse and Glass
2. Magical Change Purse (Purse, No Glass)
3. The Substitution Trunk Mystery
4. Stand Up Sucker Copper-Silver Routine
5. Copper or Silver Extraction
6. Copper Penetration
7. Handy Copper-Silver Transposition
8. Cup of Copper Silver
9. Stealth Copper-Silver Transposition
10. Ungimmicked Copper-Silver-Brass
11. Oil and Water
12. Matchbox Treasury Redux

1. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Introduction
2. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Show Version
3. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Impromptu Version
4. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Cup Version
5. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Purse Version
6. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Original Handling
7. Twilight Zone Wild Coin Multi Gold Version
8. Sliding Wild Coin

1. Thoughts on Spellbound
2. Ultimate Silver Lint
3. The Chocolate Coin
4. Imagine a Coin
5. Four-Way Spellbound
6. Shattered Spellbound
7. Chinese Explosion

1. Rubinstein Coins Through the Table
2. Standup Coins Through the Table
3. CSB Coins Through the Table
4. Giant Four Coins through the Table

1. Tallahassee Jumping Coins
2. Impossible Four Coin Trick I
3. Impossible Four Coin Trick 2
4. Long Term Short Term
5. Retro Fly
6. The Specciolini Brothers
7. Shell CSB Coins Across

1.Triple Play
2. Magical Money Rap
3. The Wishing Well
4. Vegas Math
5. Fuzzy Math
6. Bologna Debut
7. Stealth Hanging Coins
8. Stealth Showcase
9. Deja vu Coin Vanish
10. Tri-Coin
11. Flash Vanish

1. Voodoo Revelation
2. Voodoo Revelation SOH Version
3. Two Coin Monte (Two Card Reverse Matrix)
4. Quadra Coin Reverse Matrix
5. Ultra Reverse Matrix
6. The Mentalist
7. Triple Coin to Card
8. Case Solved

1. Silver Extraction
2. The Double-Faced Coin Routine
3. The Bent Coin Routine
4. Magnetic Coins
5. Thumb Through Coin
6. Signed Bill Through Coin
7. Smileys 8. Smileys Jr.
9. Fusion
10. Three Quarters of a Trick
11. Key Fobulous
12. Goodbye, Hello, Now Change

1. The Purse Routine
2. The Blank Coin Routine
3. The Mystery of the Chinese Coin
4. The Black Hole
5. Mint Condition
6. Next of Boxes
7. Coin in Coin Roll
8. Coins to Glass
9. Polarized Plastic
10. Time for Change
11. The Counterfeit Coin
12. Nest of Envelopes
13. Nest of Envelopes Method Two
14. The Sympathy Card

1. May the Force Be with You
2. Poker Chip Spellbound
3. 3-D Printing
4. My Coin Collection
5. Conviction Prediction
6. Conviction Prediction, and Some Magishin’
7. The Famous Three Coin Trick
8. Three Coin Monte

1. Introduction
2. Mike Gallo – I Got It Covered
3. Nathan Kranzo – Shuzbut Coins
4. Jean Emmanuel Franzis – Aegean Coins
5. Moritz Mueller – Slide of Hand Vanish
6. Bill Citino – Coins Walking Wildly Ahead
7. Tom Gagnon – Shell-Acted
8. Marc DeSouza – Cylinder and Coins for Three Friends
9. Eric Roumestan – Touch, No Touch
10. Brenden Wolf – Differential
11. Lawrens Godon – Three-ality Routine
12. Tri Ryuzaki – Synchronized Spellbound
13. Giacomo Bertini – Coinmeleon II
14. Etienne Lorenceau – Faustus Chameleon Skin Purse
15. Danny Goldsmith – The Frenetic Change
16. Leonard Rangel – Three Flight
17. Doug Brewer – Left-Handed Coins in a Box
18. John Carey – Simplex Positive Negative
19. Miguel Angel Gea – Coin Munch
20. Bill Wisch – The Elbow Servante
21. Jay Wang – Purse-onal Coin Production
22. Karen Dorangrichia – WOW Magic Chicken
23. David Roth - The Roth Blank Coin Routine

1. Introduction
2. Medical
3. Professional
4. Animals
5. Sports
6. Home
7. Car and Travel
8. Food 9. Personal
9. Bars and Drinks
10. Miscellaneous

1. Chinese Explosion II
2. Quarter Steal
3. Baseball Miser’s Dream


Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 5, 2020 08:48AM)
One more review, again from the Propdog site, from Peter Rand. Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts with the magic fraternity! Supplies of the reprint are selling out, but I have once again reprinted the book, and will have a new supply in two weeks that I can sign. All will come with a limited edition Free Gift, while supplies last, so be sure to shoot me an email if interested, to rubinsteindvm@aol.com


This book is extensive, comprehensive, and contains so much incredible material it will take me years to get through it. It is the biggest book on coin magic since Bobo, and the most important since Roth's Expert Coin Magic. One just needs to look at the nine page table of contents to see how much incredible material is contained inside. Twenty chapters, new material and techniques, contributions by some of the top coin guys, and some of the best (or worst) puns you will ever read! And not only that, throughout the book are quotes from the author that relect his own philosophy about coin magic. Wise words indeed! Buy this book, you can't go wrong!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 18, 2020 06:14AM)
Found this review on the Stevens Magic Emporium site:
antonnova77 – July 7, 2020

A book that is a true masterpiece. All the routines are well written, excellent details, and performed to perfection. A classic the day it was released and sold out just as fast. An investment for any lover of quality coin magic. A long awaited fantastic book.
Watch this space, dropping a new video of a routine from the book later...
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 18, 2020 11:12AM)
Happy to share this routine from my book, Rubinstein Coin Magic. Since this is a modular routine, I had several phases. This version removed the middle phase from the book, but borrowed from another routine (Triple Play) to extend the first phase. Otherwise, it's the same. Anyone who already has the book can inquire about the changes. Hope you enjoy it, I will have a limited amount of books available for signing in around a week, that will come with a FREE GIFT, only available with the books I sell. For ordering information, shoot me an email at rubinsteindvm@aol.com
Here is The Purse Routine, enjoy!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Dec 6, 2020 05:35PM)
I haven't kept up with this thread for a while. You can see videos of my techniques and routines on my YouTube channel, Rubinstein Coin Magic, under the playlist of the same name. Here is a video of many of the techniques used in the book. Be sure to turn the volume up at the end to hear the sounds of the coins in the click pass section.
Message: Posted by: mayniac (Jan 30, 2021 02:49PM)
Wow just finally got my copy and this book really is more beautiful in person. There is so much here, I can’t wait to dig in for years to come!
Message: Posted by: Rachmaninov (Feb 1, 2021 08:44AM)
I’m not sure, but it seems there will be several volumes ?
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 1, 2021 04:33PM)
Well, I wrote that book, thinking that my illness might get the best of me. Fortunately, it didn't, so who knows? I left out a lot of material because it was already 500 pages, so still have material I can put into another volume. But not for a while, this book took me a full year to write, edit, and publish.
Message: Posted by: Rspangl (Feb 2, 2021 07:59AM)
Michael. Thanks for the link to the videos. This is helpful when following along in the book.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 3, 2021 06:21AM)
Glad it has helped!
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Feb 7, 2021 09:14AM)
I LOVE this book! A 500 page Volume 2 would be EPIC! Take your time, Dr. Mike! The thought of it thrills me!

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Apr 27, 2021 09:07AM)
Although at this time there are no direct plans for a sequel, I will be releasing a NEW coins across comedy routine "beary" soon!