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Topic: A trick involving words and cards, "Deck-tionary"
Message: Posted by: CrashRocks1419 (Jun 24, 2020 09:03PM)
This is an idea for a trick I've had for a long time, and I was thinking about ways to make it a reality.

The premise is that you have a full deck of 52 cards, with a random four-letter word written on all of them. All the words are different, and so are the cards. You hand the spectator a list of all the words, and ask them to pick one and write it down (e.g. POST). At the same time, you ask them to name any card they want (e.g. Jack of Diamonds). After they've done that, you go through the deck face-down and find the card that says POST. When you flip it over, it's magically the Jack of Diamonds.

But that's not all! You tell the spectator that the truth is, the trick was rigged from the start. You flip over the cards, and ALL of the cards have changed to the chosen card. Then you flip it over one more time, and all the cards have changed to the chosen word. The cards can be handed out for examination.

I'm sure that the first part is simple enough to do, but the second part is what really interests me. I'm not even sure of a surefire way to do this trick, but if there is then in my opinion, that'd be a pretty good seller. What do you all think?