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Topic: Prediction in unlikely location?
Message: Posted by: JasonSelf (Jun 29, 2020 12:09PM)
I typically do a magic show 4 nights of our church camp. I thought a good routine would be to do dis-spear a card with the word Jesus written for it into a paper bag. Show the bag empty by ripping it open via the technique in Mark Wilson's book and then have the card found again in an unlikely location...like maybe in an envelope under someone's chair I could pick (seemingly by chance), or some other unlikely location. I am open to ideas. The idea is that people are often looking for Jesus in the wrong places. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
Message: Posted by: Russo (Jun 29, 2020 01:06PM)
HI -#1. 20th Century Silks effect -Kids -"-bill and betty hold hands(tie 2 solid silks) - tommy(multy color silk) is asked to go to Sunday School with them - tommy goes into his house(Paper bag or JapHank Box-I use) each Sunday tommy is invited - one sunday, tommy goes into house -vanish- WHERE?? Before- have a Volunteer do the church hand clasp (p/m & I'll teach anyone) - tommy & Betty go in the Church(clasp) where is tommy?? pull billy/betty out(of clasp) "there he is" being asked (witness) he finely came- if no Vol. -use a Clear glass as the Church. - #2. use any rope escape (wrist or 2 people holding ends of 3rd person tied- or ??) read "1st. Corenth. 10:13" - at the word 'Escape' - ESCAPE!!(tied up in sins, lie,theft,etc). Blessings P/M anytime Ralph(russo)Rousseau