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Topic: Back after 10 years
Message: Posted by: Risotto (Jun 30, 2020 07:11AM)
Hello All,

Wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.
Great Risotto SAM member number 49841.

In the past I worked as a Children's entertainer in Louisville Ky. Making balloons and performing magic at Outback Steakhouse. I have entertained the Anthem 5K, the Make a Wish Foundation, and performed at Christmas parties for the VFW.
I've been paid very well but I also did a lot of work non-profit.

Ten years ago I made the decision to move to Missouri and focus on my software engineering career. I cannot say that I regret this, however, I also feel like it's time that I slowly edge back into magic and children's entertainment. I still have letters that kids and parents gave me in the past. I still have so many great memories from the work that I did.

This pandemic is awful but it will not last forever. While I'm hunkered down at home I'm working on new effects and building a new character for myself.

I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and getting feedback.

Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Jul 1, 2020 09:04AM)
Hi Rissoto

Welcome back!

Where are you in Missouri?

Message: Posted by: Risotto (Jul 1, 2020 05:02PM)

I'm in St. Louis. It is an interesting area but the scene isn't nearly as big as it was in Louisville Ky. But then Louisville is a really goofy entertaining town.
Currently I'm trying to relocate to central Oklahoma. I'm betting there's almost no scene at all there. But hey, that's opportunity in itself right?