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Topic: Looking for a replacement/backup wallet
Message: Posted by: daver (Jul 3, 2020 09:19AM)
So, I am not a wallet junkie, nor do I use one for gaining information. I'm happy with doing a M*fold card to wallet, and need have it as a folded card.

Been using and loving my Mesika's Wallet for years. Leather is really nice, can use it as an everyday wallet, and it does just what I need when I need it easily. If you know the design, you know it is silly simple.

Yigal stopped producing these years ago, and he does not have any others hanging around and mine is getting rather worn.

Any of you wallet junkies point me to something (as simple and) similar I can get as a replacement/backup?


Message: Posted by: Jerry (Jul 25, 2020 09:34PM)
Prop Dog has a really good "everything" wallet.


If you are truly a wallet junkie.
Behold! The wallet god.

Message: Posted by: Theodore Lawton (Sep 5, 2020 04:34PM)
I've used the Real Man's Wallet for years.
Message: Posted by: Jon Allen (Sep 22, 2020 03:47AM)
You should check out my Any Wallet. It is a Card to Envelope in Wallet. It can be utilised with a MCF as well as a flat card. My preference is for a MCF Card.

The best thing is that it uses any wallet so you donít need to buy one. Use any wallet you already own!

Check it out here: https://www.onlinemagicshop.co.uk/product-page/any-wallet