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Topic: New- White House Shell Set - Preview
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Jul 8, 2020 10:41PM)
This new shell set can be a lot of fun with the game of politics.

The game is played with two different colored balls and can end with a third colored ball.

The Blue ball represents the Democratic party, the red ball represents the Republican party and the white ball represents the Independent party.

If the player picks the white house shell that has the right color party of their choice they win.
If not they lose.

Suggestion: To start the game a Democratic blue ball and a red Republican ball are placed under two shells and one shell is empty.

If the player says they favor the Independent party a white ball is then used with a red or blue ball with one empty shell. Only two colored balls are in play at a time.

The optional third colored ball can come into play for the final play with all three political parties, blue Democratic party ball, the red Republican party ball, and the white Independent party ball for the ending surprise.

For more details and pictures click on this link; https://4photos.weebly.com/