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Topic: Question on Simon Aronson's Invisible Card
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Jul 22, 2020 06:41PM)
I am really delighted to have come across The Invisible Card by Simon Aronson. Basically it is a sleight-free version of Invisible Deck!

The only aspect that might seem a bit odd is the process for searching through the deck. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to justify this?
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jul 22, 2020 09:07PM)
I can't speak for anyone else, but no one who I've ever shown it to has ever questioned the process.

"Please watch for your card. I'll do it in small batches so you can watch closely for your card. Is it one of these?...."

BTW, I always arrange for there to be only one card left face down after the next to last spread--so there's still the hope that that card might be the spectator's. "And the last card..." And then you turn it over.
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Jul 25, 2020 04:47AM)
What about counting the cards as well at the same time as looking for the invisible one?
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jul 25, 2020 01:13PM)
My immediate thought is that counting is just as awkward, if not more so, and will slow things down--much longer to count cards than for a spec to scan through them--but try it and see. Let us know how it goes.
Message: Posted by: hacketr2 (Jul 29, 2020 08:04PM)
I use Marked Cards, sight the named card and display all the cards above the named card flipping them over, push under the named card and fan the remaining half of the deck...
Message: Posted by: JustJohn (Mar 30, 2021 12:01AM)
When reset isn't an issue, I cut to bring the selected card close to the top and I just show those few cards and do the transfer to my other hand instead of a table. I then flip over and fan all the remaining cards to show their card isn't there. Then I finish it with a mercury fold so their invisible card finds its way into their pocket or under their watch.
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (May 31, 2021 04:58PM)
Thanks for the great suggestions.

Using marked cards is a great safety net. (I know this from getting it wrong the first time I performed it for a friend (with unmarked cards)! I was actually counting the stack just fine - but nerves interfered)

John - Cutting the card near the top is brilliant! So obvious (now you have pointed it out). It just means the start of the search is very slightly discrepant - rather than the whole process feeling really weird.
Message: Posted by: JanForster (Jun 2, 2021 07:00AM)
This is what I made out of it, inspired by an idea of Vincent Hedan... The "play" is that a spectator can win a (during the performance increasing) amount of money... the premise is that he will win money if we find a card he was merely and freely verbally naming while we look through the cards step by step (Aronson's original procedure)...

What I do: I add a double backer to the deck in the middle of the deck - and then here we go: I proclaim having always (a Joker?) a mysterious card in the deck, keeping it always face down in the face up deck. I remove this card and put it aside (it is the DB). Next I remove without showing its face the QH and put it on the table. If the spectator guesses the card correctly (QH) he can win the money, if he guesses wrong I can keep my money... (if he guesses right, spent the money, it's worth it!). Now you proceed with the name of the card he was naming.

Next do a false cut, take the top card and proclaim that he will win the money (increase it before) if this is the card he was naming before... here of course you can always adjust your false cut if he named before the top card of your memorized stack. So, again it is not the card he named... quite funnily you now effectively will increase the chances for your spectator to win, always adding money on top while you go through the deck (Aronson's procedure again) and turning piles over. If you would find his card there he would win the increasing amount of money.

This is so funny as chances to find his card are growing while you chances loosing your increasing amount of money are dramatically increasing... of course, you never will find his card... Finally pick up the DB, smile, look at its "face" and proclaim that your mysterious card is in fact the "..." (here you name the spectator's card). Put this card "face down" back in the middle of the face up deck... and then state that you keep therefore your mysterious card always face down in the middle of the (face up) deck. Following your words, turn the deck face down and spread it. There will be one card only face up, it is the spectator's card and apparently and clearly your mysterious card... Jan
Message: Posted by: stickmondoo (Jun 11, 2021 01:20AM)
Thank you so much for that Jan. Brilliant.