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Topic: Busted
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jul 26, 2020 10:29AM)
"Play poker, go to jail? In 20 states it's illegal to play a friendly game at home, even for penny stakes. In 30 others, unless you take precautions, you can be hauled off for "aggravated gambling."

Message: Posted by: landmark (Jul 27, 2020 09:51AM)
This seems like it may be a more up-to-date source:


I wonder when the National Guard will arrive in Nebraska and pepper spray the players down in Pop's General Store.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jul 27, 2020 12:21PM)
Thank you Jack. It seems strange to me that you have different laws in the same country.
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Jul 27, 2020 07:14PM)
[quote]On Jul 27, 2020, tommy wrote:
It seems strange to me that you have different laws in the same country. [/quote]

The US was a unique experiment where government flowed from the people up as opposed to flowing from a centralized government on down. The states voluntarily joined the union so that a centralized government could not be all powerful but rather the people could determine what the government could or could not do.

I think it was an extraordinary concept which enhanced individual liberties as opposed to most all other systems in Europe and the world where a powerful central government directs from above.

So it is a group of states that form a union, each with it own laws and rules. To the Founding Fathers, that was the only way to have the individual freedoms given by the Creator as opposed to being dominated by the whims of powerful men or rulers. In other words, we did not want rulers, especially rulers who might deal from the bottom on us for their own benefit.

It was an extraordinary dream of individual liberty that was never tried before. How well we were able to maintain that dream is quite debatable.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jul 28, 2020 03:51AM)
Come to think of it I guess we have the same sort of thing here within the United Kingdom. It is essentially a union made up of the historic countries of England, Wales and Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland.
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Jul 28, 2020 10:45AM)
Not surprisingly, the Founding Fathers were all................ENGLISH.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jul 28, 2020 05:44PM)
In the UK a private cash poker game at one’s home is legal. So, as long as everybody knows the dance, a professional game can easily be passed off as a private legal game. The Gambling Commission knows it is hard to prove otherwise so do not normally raid such games. If they do a raid they do not normally come heavy-handed. It all depends on the nature of the information the authorities have been given. Most raids are a result of information received. Rats tend to exaggerate; one might only be having a Mom and Pop game but an informer may have told the cops that you are a drug dealer, with guns, running an illegal casino and so on thus the cops come heavy-handed. Such is life.
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Jul 28, 2020 06:40PM)
@tommy: Don't you have an abundance of professionally run casino poker games games as well as tournaments in the UK?

I played in private poker games for years and finally got tired of the players shuffling and dealing for themselves. Too much fumbling and slowing down of the game.

Finally for bigger games, we would hire a couple of professional dealers to deal the games properly. But whether you were playing in a private residence or rented hotel, there was always the problem of the word getting out on your game and then the possibility of being robbed escalated.

Now for the poker playing I do, I play in casinos exclusively. Only problem now is with the Covid19 virus, table games are not played in my area until the pandemic passes.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jul 28, 2020 08:27PM)
Well, I am not really familiar with private self-dealt amateur poker games but my understanding is that they are generally not worth the light. The high stakes cash poker games here are not casino poker games but are the professional private games. The casinos, mind you, do have some decent comps. I do not know of any casino cash poker game here where one can win or lose a hundred grand. There may be a couple of exclusive casinos in London that do have high stakes games but I am not aware of any. Most of the casinos here cater to the working man. You do get the odd millionaire playing in these small casino games and the professional will do his best to lure them him to the private professional game and build a high stakes game around him there, as I explained before. Once you have a regular whale at the game, it is easy to build a regular high stakes game around him. These private games are exclusive, by invitation only and manly played on credit, we use online baking and so on. There are not many at all. If you go to a poker site now you will see the casino poker players are talking comps and only taking about relatively low stakes games as a rule. A pal of mine is a millionaire and the local casino here banned him because he was betting too much for them on the roulette; if he won the casino made a loss on the week. Professional private poker games are professionally croupier dealt. Croups work for tips in high stakes private professional games and they earn a lot more than they can in a casino.