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Topic: Including other skills in magic show
Message: Posted by: Lucky7 (Jul 31, 2020 02:42AM)
Now I have more time on hands thanks to Covid, I am reflecting on my children's magic show to keep improving it.

I tend to incorporate other skills in the shows, however I do not have solid routine that I always do for the moment ( I don’t do that many shows).
Things I usually tend to incorporate are juggling, unicycling and ballooning.
Sometimes with longer shows diabolo.
Possibly I could add devil stick tricks and a freestanding handstand but have not done this before.

Do you do extra things in your show besides magic ? Maybe you can but choose not to ? Why ?
How do you make transitions between the magic parts?
Are they interactive , do you use volunteers ?
Did you find difficulties to incorporate these skills ? And how did you improve the acts?

For the moment this is what I am thinking of improving but lack inspiration.

Making a good transitions into the juggling and unicycle. (if seen on history of magic Café others have struggled with this as well)

When I start with the unicycle I tend to ask a adult or teenager to help me on. I act if i’m really struggling getting on and this always gets a good laughter.
However I have a profound level and if show some tricks later on they could realise in retrospect that I clearly was faking the struggle getting on.
Am I overthinking this one ?

I really like my ballooning part, it has a lot of laughter and the public likes it. BUT the downside is that it creates a balloon dog and sword during the process. I could give away this to the volunteers but then only two children would get a balloon. For now the only way to cope with this is to make everybody one balloon. Are there other options ?

I’m a really looking forward to your ideas and opinions !
Message: Posted by: Russo (Jul 31, 2020 09:09AM)
After my major magic program, I do Vent. with a 7 yr. old rascal (I made 30 years ago)- Due to Covid isolation, he's sitting across the room from me, to keep me company - though he doesn't talk to me (Yet ??). Also, instead of balloon animals ("POP" and tears) I sketch "any Animal Cartoon" each guest request (under 20 guests),. At the bottom of each cartoon is my contact number - it goes home and onto the refrig. - received many shows that way. I did this for 60+ years. Now at 83, simi retired. Check on mine and others post. Glad to share,I'm sure others do to. ?? Ralph (russo) ROUSSEAU
Message: Posted by: scenic effects (Jul 31, 2020 11:26PM)
There are several magicians that make a balloon animal as part of a magic routine or, in some cases make an animal as a give away for assisting. I’ve seen a lot of skills used in a magic show. Magician John Archer plays the ukulele in his show, Magician Darren Romeo sings, and lots of folks juggle. I think it adds interest, and as long as it’s entertaining it’s great. My impression is that most people try to incorporate the additional skill into what you are already doing. Maybe have a story that tells you about juggling those “three balls” that you are using in a trick. I think the unicycle is a great addition, arriving on it, using it for comedy, maybe doing it as some sort of game or challenge? Keep exploring ideas and I know you’ll find something that works for you- if you do something and it gets a good reaction add it to the routine.
Message: Posted by: danfreed (Aug 3, 2020 10:54AM)
Adding or changing your show is sort of a scientific process. You try stuff, see what works by the audience response, modify as needed till you get a show that works. I combine several non magic skills, and now much of my show for younger kids is vent. Sometimes I do Hobson's balloon dog bag trick and give away the balloon to one kid (the birthday kid if its a bday), no problem, don't worry about that. I also do caricatures a lot, sometimes during the show, but usually as an add on. I used to do balloon twisting a lot but I recently stopped cause it hurts my hands. Sometimes what you add is a practical issue, doing many things may make you bring so much stuff to a gig it becomes time consuming and annoying, hard on your back, so that is a factor. Don't overthink transitions and changes during the act, you probably care more about it than the audience, they just want a fun show that keeps them interested, so variety can be good.
You can tie the different elements of your show together with story(s)if you want. I'd make them very quick and simple, don't blather on, maybe tell it while performing. The story can be real, exaggerated, or made-up. Older kids can be sensitive about be treated as a younger kid, so keep that in mind when choosing stories. Older kids tend to be OK with a fictional story as long as you are presenting it as fictional "when I was a kid my favorite book was about a flying dolphin named Ralph who joined the circus, the the lion taught hm to juggle, the clowns taught him to ride a unicycle, etc".
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Aug 9, 2020 07:12PM)
I always incorporated some hat juggling in my stand up act.
Not a lot. Just a little. And the hat actually is a part of the opening trick.

I think anything like that, if you are actually good at it,
Certainly tells your audience..
“ he’s doing more than standing up there doing tricks from some magic Kit he bought last weekend”

A musical instrument could be great as well .
if there’s a natural reason to use it, as part of the act, I think it’s a great idea.

I think it sets you apart and makes things more interesting.