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Topic: Go Button Isn't Cutting It?
Message: Posted by: stempleton (Aug 2, 2020 05:05PM)
I've continued to use "OneTrack" for years, even though it hasn't been supported in a while. Now that it's been getting quirky I downloaded "Go Button" app and thought it would be a great alternative based on comments. However, it does not import itunes that I have stored on the same ipad, so that seems to be a deal breaker. Without going to a lot of processes to reload my purchased itunes music, etc. is there something I'm missing? If not, can anyone recommend an app that does utilize my purchased itunes selections like One Track does? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (Aug 7, 2020 01:55PM)
I'll admit that all of my tracks are heavily edited prior to use so Go Button is better for me. If you're using tracks straight from iTunes, You can use the Audio Ape App for IOS which is free and utilizes your existing iTunes playlists for shows. It's a little basic for functionality compared to Go Button but might be all you need. It's worth a try!
Message: Posted by: stempleton (Aug 7, 2020 03:15PM)
Thanks, Ray, you've never steered me wrong. I also edit but for sound fx etc. I like to go directly from itunes. Thanks again.