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Topic: Super gran!
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ram (Jun 8, 2004 06:26AM)
There was a tv show called super gran which aired in the uk about10 years ago. anyone remember it?

I say this because there was videos for sale on ebay and it brought back memories
Message: Posted by: ChrisZampese (Jun 8, 2004 07:05AM)
Stand back superman, Iceman, spiderman,
batman and robin too,
dont wanna cause a fracas for B.A Barracas,
but I've got a match for you.....

Ok, that's all I remember of the theme tune!

Dont know how old you are kukram, but I think I remember watching this one at least 15 years ago, and that was in little old NZ, so its probably been around a lot longer!

Super gran was one tough woman, she got hit by some sort of 'super power-giving' beam didn't she?

OK, just did some digging on the net, and found this webpage with a brief bit of info. Who knew that the theme song was sung by Billy Connolly!?

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ram (Jun 8, 2004 07:50AM)
thanks for the link.
it was a crap show but as a kid it seemed great.
cant believe someone acually remembers it other than me.ha