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Topic: WANDERER Ebook, by Sean Waters
Message: Posted by: Waters. (Aug 14, 2020 02:55PM)
Hey Everyone,

I feel the “give the book to a friend” to post on your behalf schtick is a bit laborious. As such, please forgive my straight-forward mention of my latest offering. It has been (mostly) a labor of love, but I find I keep moving slower in my middle age. The ebook is filled with items that are re-imaginings of items you know or items you may have neglected. I have remade them in a way that pleased me and possibly these will please you as well.

The link can be found here: https://www.experience-architecture.com/wanderer/

Here are some details:

In Sean’s latest, he shares his timely “Second Dimensional Psychometry”, which is both relevant and logical. In Wanderer, Waters also shares his finest double thought-of card routine, “Cortex”, which features Sean’s trademark layered methods. He also shares his delightful “Temperature” routine which makes use of ideas you know, but in a way you wish you had thought of; he promises. “Ad Infinitum” provides a organic and appealing answer for revealing an unseen psychometric item. Maybe you are on the same path and will find this material a suitable companion. Here are some specifics:

Subconscious Writing:

A participant inadvertently stumbles on The Second Step. As such, and without being cognizant of the means, he can intuit a number written out of view. It only took one-hundred years for this method to be updated. You will never go back.


A combination of two pieces that any journeyman should know. Temperature proves that their combination yields a more vivid experience that either can provide alone.

Second Dimensional Psychometry:

A reimagining of the psychometry theme that proves relevant, while speaking to your onlookers personal worth.


A layered double thought-of card effect which which (for many) will end in an expected detour.


As the centerpiece for Sean’s subtext, this routine uses a commonly used object to speak volumes regarding the human condition.

Ad Infinitum:

Sean’s organic solutions for two of the primary problems associated with Annemann’s classic routine will bring you immense joy. HIs whimsical script lends meaning and levity to the genre.


This is Sean’s reductionist take on his Avalon routine (2007). In short, a shared visualization ends is an astounding synchronicity.

Quantum Realities:

Even Schrodinger’s multiple theories must collapse into one explanation; uncanny influence. With humor and surprise, the rare jewels of mentalism, this routine will also enable you to book-end your show with no extra effort. It will provide the ending, you will need to structure the rest.

The final file will be uploaded shortly, but I wanted to let you all know. I don’t presume that any of us are on the same path, but possibly we are traveling to similar destinations.

(I will post again once the file is back from my designer and uploaded to my site.)


Message: Posted by: Waters. (Aug 15, 2020 02:52PM)
Okay. Thank you for the patience. The PDF has been uploaded to my site www.experience-architecture.com

This should also be available shortly at www.lybrary.com
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Aug 15, 2020 03:32PM)
You can look up my quote for this on Sean's site. He sent me a preview copy with his ideas. As always, I was very impressed with Sean's creativity. If you have his other works then you know that he gives you fantastic ideas and presentations.

Message: Posted by: MadisonH (Aug 17, 2020 10:31AM)
Subconscious Writing:
Sean has come up with a clever way to secretly write a piece of information in front of the spectator without them being the wiser. He presents it as the now classic effect. He writes down a two digit number, the spectator names a two digit number, and you show you are correct. Your thumbs are visible throughout and the writing is easier than ever before. It’s a great system which is very simple to do and the action is hidden in plain sight. Smart stuff.

This is Sean’s wonderful combination of a Karl Fulves forcing method combined with a magic square to create a very off the wall (literally) trick. It is colorful and playful with a root firmly planted in the subliminal.

Second Dimensional Psychometry:
This is simplicity at its finest. The spectator thinks of several treasured items she owns. As she walks through her house in her mind, you tell her every item and are able to deduce which item is her most treasured. It is uses some blank business cards and some memory techniques in a wonderful way which gives the routine immediate emotional connection. Simple and effective.

Two thought of cards are revealed then you prove your advanced memory skills. This is another great combination of methods and it has a nice lead in to the calling cards finale.

A spectator names a color on a Rubik’s cube. It has been predicted. They next think of a color on the cube. You read their mind. They mix the cube, think of a color and associate it with an emotion. You reveal their emotion. You end by revealing exactly how many of each color is on one side of the mixed cube. Everything except the very last phase can be done with a normal Rubik’s cube. If you want to do the last phase, you will need a certain product that exists currently. You will recognize the majority of principles here, but they are all used in a way that is exciting and innovative.

Ad Infinitum:
Five volunteers remove objects from a box on stage and hide them in a paper bag. They go back to their seats. Just by looking at the object that was taken, you are able to give a reading and discern the person who took that object. Instead of looking at the last object, you give them a reading and based on the reading, tell them the object they chose. This is a clever psychometry routine. Instead of using the same hum-drum spectator’s objects, you use any interesting objects you want! Sean uses action figures. And you can have as many objects in the box as you want. It’s simple, clever, and effective.

You tell a story, have the spectator visualize this story, and they name a card. You have predicted it based on what they visualized. This is like a psychological card force but with layering of principles to push it beyond just hoping they say what you want them to.

Quantum Realities:
This is a very clean prediction of a freely chosen word, but it is best used on stage. There’s an element of the 52 on 1 gag which leads you to the shocking revelation. There’s no DR, but this is a great use of open pre-show. The freedom you’re able to speak with will leave no doubt that they simply thought of a random word.

This entire book is very typical Sean Waters thinking. If you have been exposed to his work before, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, this is a great introduction. Sean has a very particular style which is difficult for me to put in words, but very evident in all of his work. If you’re already a fan, you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t a fan, this may change your mind.

Message: Posted by: Waters. (Aug 21, 2020 06:30AM)
Thank you for the review Madison. I should also mention that some of the routines can be performed via zoom or over the phone. Such as:

Second Dimensional Psychometry: a purist method is described in the notes. This can be performed remotely.

Cortex: Card revelations (2 of them) both can be performed remotely. Only the finale requires physical presence (though there are even workarounds to include this).

Corridor: this can be performed on the phone or via Zoom

Temperature can be performed over the phone with one additional technique or ruse as well as a slight modification.

Quantum Realities: this could be performed remotely shipping a small package to your participant. This would require having some popular technological aids though.

If there is interest, I can provide a one page set of notes to further explain how to use these remotely.

Regardless, my best to you and yours. I appreciate your interest. Wanderer can be found here:



Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Sep 2, 2020 08:22AM)
Sean gifted me a copy of his new book, Wanderer. As always, his writing is engaging and compelling. Sean thinks deeply about the nuances of each effect and following his thought processes is a lesson in effective routine construction that will benefit anyone in creating their own effects.

Madison did a great job describing the contents. My favorite effect, at least upon first reading, is Temperature. I'm very particular about Magic Square presentations and Sean's work breaks new ground I'm sure others will also find appealing. Second Dimensional Psychometry and Corridor also stimulated a lot of thought for me, both rife with potential.

I have been a fan of Sean's work for many years so am admittedly biased. If you are new to his work, I expect you will feel the same after studying Wanderer.
Message: Posted by: Waters. (Sep 4, 2020 01:40PM)
Thank you for the kind words regarding Wanderer and my materials in general. I am honored as you know I think highly of your work.

I look forward to hearing thoughts of other readers and learning what is resonating with them. It is always interesting hearing what appeals. Regardless, I am grateful for your purchases. I am still amazed that anyone would care. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the work.