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Topic: International Magic Competition Performance?
Message: Posted by: FreddieLeeFroth (Aug 16, 2020 08:39AM)
Can anybody help me track down a performance of the 3 Shell Game I saw on an International Magic Competetion video many moons ago (Probably between 1995-2005). The performer was using Bob Swadling's 'Connoiseur' set with the additional original (I think?) idea of using a banknote with a special 'attractive' something which was also embedded in the ball/pea (Creating an impromptu chop shell). If I recall correctly, he had a beard ... and may have been French.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Sep 16, 2020 03:10PM)
The School for Scoundrels Jumbo Trade Show Shells have used that method for many years.