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Topic: Ring and String - Eric Decamps (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Aug 23, 2020 01:37PM)
Ring on String - Eric DeCamps

The Hype:
Packs small. Plays big!

Eric De Camps is a legend and for good reason. His timing and touches on the classic ring and string routine have made this a timeless gem.

No fancy gaffs just pure magic with two one hundred percent examinable objects.

My Take:
There is almost no hype connected with this video. Something this beautiful does not need it.

It is obvious right away that this is an old video ripped from a VHS but that certainly does not lesson the value of the lesson here. I had seen this years ago and incorporated it into my ring and string routine. It always killed and now Eric is willing to teach it to you.

You should all be familiar with Eric DeCamps, one of today's best closeup workers. He is always a pleasure to watch work. When I was in the Boston area, I occasionally went for lunch on a Saturday to Ray Goulet's Magic Art Studio. You never could tell who would be dropping by. I was fortunate enough on two occasions to be dining there when Eric dropped in. The first thing you notice about Eric is that he is a really nice guy. This comes across in this video. He is very likable. The second thing is that Eric never came to lunch and just ate. He always had something new to show us and it was always both flawless and beautiful. It was truly a joy to watch him work.

While not the same as seeing him perform this live, it still imparts every bit of instruction you need . I have always found a ring and string routine great because it is something you can always carry with you and, unlike cards, will never get bent up. Yes, it can even be better than a coin routine as it is always easy to find in your pocket. I am thrilled that he has decided to release this download as I am anxious once again to add this gem.

The video is only around seven minutes long and it only teaches one routine but it is also only five bucks. Frankly I love this routine and could not recommend it more highly. If you want a trick to carry (or even put into a show), this is one that should not be missed.
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Aug 23, 2020 04:10PM)
For a few dollars more you can get his entire Stars of Magic video which is where this routine comes from.


And I agree, it's a great routine.
Message: Posted by: Ray Haining (Aug 23, 2020 04:59PM)
Yes, a wonderful routine.
Message: Posted by: Douglas.M (Mar 7, 2021 03:35PM)
I recently bought Eric's DVD to learn his incredible Jokers Wild routine and was blown away by all the other great magic on the video, including Ring & String. Eric DeCamps is a close-up monster!

Douglas M
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Mar 7, 2021 10:07PM)
Fabulous routine. Very short download but itís a killer five phase routine.