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Topic: Live on Kickstarter
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Aug 24, 2020 09:57PM)

[b][i]Collector's edition playing cards and puzzle inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch[/i][/b]

[b]Kickstarter link[/b]: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sunishchabba/bosch-playing-cards-0


[b]Cost:[/b] US$16 each
[b]Funding:[/b] Nearly funded
[b]Kickstarter ends:[/b] September 22, 2020

This project comes to us from Sunish Chabba and Guru Playing Cards, who have successfully produced several decks of custom playing cards already. But the Bosch deck is unlike anything that Sunish has done before.

This is a fine art deck that is a tribute to Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1450-1516), whose work is noted for fantastic religious illustrations, many of which depicted hell in a nightmarish manner.


The real appeal of this deck is how each playing card has full-bleed artwork, and the individual cards have been designed so that they combine to make a complete puzzle.


This is known as a polyptych, and effectively it is a puzzle where all 54 single cards make a single larger whole.


To create this remarkable deck, all of Hieronymus Bosch's seminal works were closely studied and explored for hundreds of hours, and combined in an entirely original manner, making it a thoroughly unique work of art that is a creative and wonderful tribute to this famous master.


As an added bonus, each playing card has a semi-transformational style, which means that the pips have been transformed so that they become part of the picture.


The deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), an industry leader known and respected for their high quality and durable playing cards.

[b]Kickstarter link[/b]: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sunishchabba/bosch-playing-cards-0