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Topic: Arsenioīs Trick
Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Sep 1, 2020 11:48AM)
I leave this here so you can fry your brain about the solution. It is real, no stooges. Cheers!

(turn on english subtitles)

Message: Posted by: ipe (Sep 2, 2020 02:49AM)
Hi MarianoG, of course this effect can play very very strong.

Am I right to say that in the video you were quite lucky to finish the effect so quickly?
Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Sep 2, 2020 03:06AM)
You think it's me in the video?

No, it's Arsenio Puro.

And no, the effect ends quickly on 95% of the time.
Message: Posted by: ipe (Sep 2, 2020 04:43AM)
Of course I'm thinking it is a combination of o**-****d + m****d deck. But it looks like I'm missing the last step to quickly "close the loop" of the o**-****d on 95% of the time. :-)

Is this effect published somewhere?
Message: Posted by: kent (Sep 4, 2020 09:48PM)
I think ipe is right on the money with the principle and the deck. Do you think something is being "brought in"? His left hand rests on the table in a way that could conceivably hide a ringer. Or maybe it's just something as bold as a classic !@#$e !
Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Sep 9, 2020 06:05AM)
Thereīs no ringer, no force. And yes, ipe is missing a lot of whatīs happening with the deck.
Itīs a selft contained, automatic effect.
Message: Posted by: ipe (Sep 9, 2020 06:55AM)
Hi Mariano. Is it a gimmick deck? Is this effect published somewhere?
Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Sep 16, 2020 08:08AM)
It is a gimmick deck, it is not published anywhere but will be released by Henry Evans.
Message: Posted by: ipe (Sep 16, 2020 09:07AM)
Thank you, Mariano.