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Topic: Do people fall for that?
Message: Posted by: jcigam (Jun 9, 2004 11:35AM)
I happened to be at work today playing with a deck of cards (much like everyday) when someone I know came in, saw the cards on the desk, and boisterously <sp> asked, "oh, are you one of those card sharks? Come on do something magical." Well, I thought everyone knew I performed magic but apparently there was still one or two around that didn't. Anyway, I did a couple of flourishes for him and then proceeded with a triumph effect (Standing Triumph from The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings). If you are familiar with the effect you end up finding an indifferent card, which I explain is a magic card. You do a one phase ambitious card routine, which is not all that impressive because you still haven't located the spectator's card. I hand them the magic card, face-down because it is now their selection and ask them to wave it over the deck. The deck fixes itself (I believe this is all standard to the routine). I then tell them that not only has the magic card fixed the deck but we have located their selection. I immediately turn the cards, faces towards me, and start spreading through the cards asking, "What was your card?" The spectator of course thinks this is less than magical because you are looking at the cards. Today the guy I was performing for said, "Oh come on I am not going to tell you the card, do people really fall for that?" When I told him, "Your right it wouldn't be very magical if I had found it in the deck" and then subtely pointed to the face-down card in his hand. He turned it over and low and behold a baby cow was born right there in the office (something left over from the 80's). I looked at him and said, "They always fall for that." He just couldn't believe it.

I thought it was funny but it might be one of those stories, which you just had to be there for.