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Topic: Wasteland Industries Silent Remote Controlled Smoke
Message: Posted by: Carderrez (Sep 8, 2020 08:04PM)
I have been trying to rig a remote controlled silent smoke device for quite some time now, every time I have been on the cusp of buying one... there was that one review cheaply made, not silent, etc. I have been looking for years. about a month ago I was on the search again and found this one. Now to be perfectly clear, I was looking for a remote table rig. Something I could mount and operate by remote control.

I took a chance and purchased this one. It ran me about $140 including shipping. Half the price of what I was willing to pay for one. This thing is great. Once it is primed it will shoot out smoke on demand. It has an intensity setting, and can be operated in bursts with one of the remote buttons and locked for continuous smoke from the other.


I thought I would drop by and share my good fortune. Its as silent as seen in the youtube video. You can find this device at https://www.etsy.com/listing/821290574/ultra-silent-smoke-machine-20-usb?ref=hp_rv-1