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Topic: Dave Neighbors
Message: Posted by: BanzaiMagic (Sep 15, 2020 05:38PM)
Woops. I guess becuase I put video in the subject of my other post, the powers that be thought I was hawking a product.

What I was trying to do was to discuss the fact that somewhere out there is a missing video of a Dave Neighbors lecture in 2012 that supposedly included handlings for some of Todd Lassen's coin sets, including the China Bit (for which there is precious little video instruction, other than some Piedrahita handlings - performance only - that are very cool). I was also hoping that someone who actually attended the Spokane workshop knew something about the missing video and maybe could get it finally produced or at least let us know what happened. I think Tom Hall was involved if I am not mistaken.

What a loss for our community (of gaff coin aficionados) if the video can't be found.

They decided to put my post here (in a directory I have never been to, and probably would not otherwise visit):
You can click on it to see more about what I had in my computer about the Spokane workshop.