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Topic: Want to give this another try
Message: Posted by: Wizuriel (Oct 3, 2020 07:37PM)

I first started trying to learn magic when I was in elementary school. I didn't have the patience to really learn sleight of hands so ended up sticking more to gimmicks. Unfortunately with school and other commitments ended up dropping performing for the last 15 or so years :(. Recently had a daughter and hoping to relearn magic to impress her. Hoping this time to try and be more patient to better develop sleight of hands and making routines.
Message: Posted by: pulpscrypt (Oct 4, 2020 05:44AM)
Don't just try to impress her, give her the gifts of see and wonder. Everyone needs more magic in their lives! :)
Message: Posted by: TomB (Nov 3, 2020 09:01PM)
Magic is much more sleight of hand, it's all about perception. If she thinks you are the best dad in the world, you pulled off the best trick of them all. Best part is, you can be you and have fun doing it.

Depending on her age we can recommend some power magic.
Message: Posted by: Russo (Nov 4, 2020 06:44PM)
This all remind me - 50 years ago when My Wife was carrying our son - she couldn't asst me - so Daughter (9 years old) did. But refused to do the head chopper -OK! - Stage was an open stage - no curtains - 1st thing We did was the -'carton illusion'- "Doll House" (daughter got behind the roof -unseen??). When she popped up - OVATION. (:->) Ralph ROUSSEAU (russo) <> Kids can have fun helping.