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Topic: Impromptu Magic Project?
Message: Posted by: mndude (Oct 8, 2020 02:50PM)
Here is the description: "Impromptu Magic Project Vol1-3 Pack (Instant Download) Twelve effective and easy-to-do impromptu tricks plus an hour of intimate conversation with some of the most respected names in magic.

You’re at a party, someone mentions you’re a magician, and the next thing you know you’re being asked to perform. Sound familiar? Vinny Grosso noticed that his professional repertoire wasn’t a perfect fit for those social settings, so he gathered some of his most knowledgeable friends to learn mind-blowing tricks that work virtually anywhere on a moment’s notice.

This is a three-volume download where Banachek, Bill Herz, Chris Kenner, Mac King, and Mike Caveney take turns teaching Vinny their favorite impromptu effects. For each trick you’ll learn from detailed one-on-one instructions, watch real world footage of Vinny performing at a cocktail party, and polish it all off with in-depth discussions and critique from the group.

From Kenner’s Picture This to King’s Bill in Pen, the Impromptu Magic Project will get you ready to perform for friends, family, and strangers, no matter where you are (yes, even over video). Some of these tricks you won’t have seen before, while others will offer new applications and subtleties you can adapt for both impromptu settings and other kinds of magic you perform.

Volume 1 tricks:
Give Me That (Mac King) - Vanish a coin in a cloth napkin, produce the coin, then produce someone’s drink!

Vanishing Napkin (Bill Herz) - Roll a paper napkin into a ball that slowly gets smaller and smaller until it disappears.

PK Pencil 1&2 (Banachek) - Make a pencil move using only your mind, then split it in half with a borrowed bill.

Instant Psychic (Mike Caveney) - Give anyone psychic powers; you’ll leave the room while they divine a random selection.

Volume 2 tricks:
Acrobatic Straw (Mike Caveney) - Cause an unwrapped plastic straw to mysteriously jump back into its paper wrapper.

Picture This (Chris Kenner) - Take a photo on someone else’s phone to predict the object they will randomly select.

Touch of Salt (Mac King) - Vanish a knife by swallowing it, only to produce it from your butt; a dinner table classic.

Sugar Packets (Bill Herz) - Predict the one sugar packet that will remain after someone freely eliminates the rest.

Volume 3 tricks:
Right on Time (Bill Herz) - Set your watch with a prediction of the time a stranger will randomly select on theirs.

Bill in Pen (Mac King) - Vanish a borrowed bill; it reappears inside a pen that’s been in full sight the entire time.

PK Pencil 3 (Banachek) - Snap an ordinary pencil in half using only the power of your mind.

Cardless Card Trick (Bill Herz) - Reach into someone’s imagination to predict a thought-of playing card"

Has anyone here watched this? Is it worth it?
Message: Posted by: MC Mirak (Oct 8, 2020 05:51PM)
Link in case anyone is interested: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/14268

I'm not involved in any way.
Message: Posted by: nyborn (Nov 11, 2020 12:44AM)
Well, there's four reviews at the link.
Message: Posted by: MC Mirak (Nov 11, 2020 08:27PM)
Really only 3 as one is a duplicate (as of now).