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Topic: Fall of 2020 Update
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Oct 14, 2020 07:48PM)

Hey Everyone,

So I wanted to send a quick update to everyone on whats happening this fall with Reel Magic.

We're continuing our journey with Curtis Kam through Bobo- Curtis is telling you the good, bad and ugly about Bobo. This is historic!

We're also working our way through Apocalypse Now with Rudy Tinoco - Rudy gained permission for Harry Lorayne to use anything we want from the historic Apocolypse Magazine. There are currently 21 pieces on the site. Rudy is just brilliant in this.

We've just finished season 9 of TNT- Every Tuesday Night for 8 weeks we add a new effect to the site from big name magicians and well, not so big name magicians. There is great material there. There are currently 9 seasons of TNT on the site.

On October 20th we start loading a new lecture from street god Doug Conn. Doug is one of the best close up magicians on the planet, a legendary underground guy with a wide variety of material that he will be sharing. I'm positive that you will find some wonderful gems to add to your work. I personally will be adding several phases of his coins to glass routine. Just SUPERB!

Finally starting in December a new on going series called "UNLEASHED". Big name magicians sharing stories, theory and KILLER magic. This everyone will love!

You can learn more about whats coming this fall by clicking on the link above.
So that's our update for what we're doing over the next couple of months.Oh yea and not to forget issue 54 of Reel Magic. Lots to look forward and for just $5 a month. Best value in magic!