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Topic: Help With Bob Wagner's Interactive Force
Message: Posted by: Micha-el (Oct 24, 2020 02:46PM)
In Bob Wagner's "Master Notebook of Magic" he explains a trick titled, "Behind My Back." In that trick he explains a way to force the fifth card of a row of seven face down cards. I am having trouble following his instructions. They don't seem clear to me and in any attempt to interpret them I run into trouble. (One example is, what if the spectator starts by putting the marker card on the fourth card of the row. Moving the marker four positions left or right requires "wrapping" around and that seems to cause problems generally.) Anyway, I am wondering if this is Bob's force or is it a known force where there might be an alternate explanation I could look at. If anyone is familiar with this force and could shine some light on it, I would appreciate the help.