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Topic: Kainoa Harbottle, medical Go Fund Me
Message: Posted by: Christopher Moro (Nov 16, 2020 03:44PM)
Hi all, Kainoa Harbottle, a fellow magician, old friend and generous creator of magic is in need. Please consider helping him during this time of frightening illness.

Message: Posted by: bassinator (Nov 18, 2020 10:34AM)
I sure hope everything works out for Mr. Harbottle. I've been on the fence of getting one of his pdf products, but went ahead and got it after seeing this to do what little I can.
Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Nov 18, 2020 08:27PM)
I am sorry about this, I only know him from the videos instructions and he looks like a nice guy very well educated with great communication. I will help him as well.

I wondering if he has some free time and could provide Zoom classes, another way to get some funds, I am sure many people will sign up for the chance to have a class with Kainoa, I would.

Anyway, I hope the treatment works and you get your BP down.

Message: Posted by: Christopher Moro (Nov 25, 2020 03:01PM)
Bassinator - thank you! His work is terrific. You won't be sorry.

Pablo - thank you so much! He is indeed a very good guy and I appreciate you supporting him and your great suggestion. I will certainly pass that on :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!