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Topic: Fan, dabbler, lurker, and quarantiner
Message: Posted by: bubbles (Nov 18, 2020 02:01PM)
Hello all.
I've been a member for a long time, and have mostly just lurked and soaked up the discussions.
I'm a professional entertainer, but not a professional magician- just mostly a fan and a dabbler.
I enjoy the spooky mysterious and bizarre, and the believe it or not sections most, but have learned so much from the whole site.
Thanks all for sharing their knowledge, especially during this time when we are all mostly sidelined!
See you in the discussions.
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jan 5, 2021 02:38PM)
"Bubbles" ...
You have been a member for a while.
Yet you have a post in the "New Arrivals" dated 2020, and still not acknowledged.
Unforgiveable ... let me correct that, right now.

Welcome, and virtual handshakes to you.
Your fellow magic Café colleague ...