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Message: Posted by: padre rich (Nov 19, 2020 12:58PM)
Racherbaumer just released 69 methods for the Jazz Aces.Alex Elmsley introduced his count in 1971 and caused a sensation,an explosion of packet tricks,that started a trend in card handling.this uses it to good effect.i find it to be the best time management with four aces and four indifferent cards,especially now with shortened attention spans.it sells now for $5 but for only two weeks.then it will be priced at $15.i like this over other four ace routines that use other sleights that call attention to themselves,take longer to perform and make the effect more suspicious because of the complicated handling.at the bargain price now how can you go wrong?this is just my opinion...
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Nov 19, 2020 05:07PM)
I have a lot of Jon's books from Lybrary and I snatched this one up for the intro price. (wish they did that more :-) )
Message: Posted by: Palle (Nov 25, 2020 02:05PM)
Downloaded it just now. Wow, what a great collection.