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Topic: Which would you ask Santa for?
Message: Posted by: reed kammerer (Nov 28, 2020 07:04PM)
Magic Memo Pad or Card Surgery...? Thanks
Message: Posted by: psychod (Nov 29, 2020 01:28PM)
Of the two of them, I think I'd ask Santa for Card Surgery.
Message: Posted by: Cebulon (Nov 30, 2020 05:39AM)
Personally, I would also prefer "Card Surgery". Furthermore, it seems that it is not as easy to find in magic stores as "Memo Pad". So you could also let Santa do the searching for you ;).
Message: Posted by: gossamer (Jan 23, 2021 06:36AM)
Certainly Card Surgery.
Message: Posted by: dangrey (Jan 26, 2021 08:25PM)
So what did Santa bring you reed kammerer?