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Topic: Calculator
Message: Posted by: Gerard BAKNER (Jun 12, 2004 01:40PM)
Do you know this amazing trick?

PREPARATION (before the show): write the number: 68888889 on your calculator and write: + 1

PRESENTATION: show your calculator with the number 1 and write in front the spectator the numbers 2345678.
So the spectator can see on the screen 12345678.
8 is the last one.
Say you can change the place of the number 8.
Take your calculator and slap it on your other hand (as if you want to displace the number 8).
Show the screen of calculator, the spectator can see 81234567.
The number 8 has changed place. Now, itís the first one.
In reality, you push (secretly) on = when you slap the calculator.

Message: Posted by: Alewishus (Jun 13, 2004 11:28AM)
That's kinda cool!
Message: Posted by: Lamberto (Jun 13, 2004 05:32PM)
It's again proven: simplicity, is the word.
Message: Posted by: ceeswing (Sep 19, 2004 01:55PM)
I used it, thanks, its simpel but it works

Message: Posted by: nornb (Oct 6, 2004 08:12AM)
This is not particularly on-topic but I don't know how to start a new thread!

I just picked up a post card from by local library (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) with a nice multiple of nine calculator using your finger tips.
It is aimed I think at promoting adult numeracy classes - but I had never seen this effect and think it could be good impromptu for children or numerate adults (rocket scientists and the like - try Burt Rutan LOL)

Digital Calculator At Your Fingertips.
Have both palms facing you fingers outstetched. Now starting on the left count off the number of fingers (and thumbs) until you get the number you are multiplying by 9. We'll use 3 as an example. Fold down the 3rd finger (the left hand middle finger).
Now look at your hands....
The number of fingers to the left of the folded down finger gives you the tens (i.e. 2), the number of fingers to the right of the folded down finger the units (i.e. 7)

So the answer to NINE times 3 is 27!

Nine times 4 gives 3 finger left and 6 fingers right = 36.
Nine times 10 gives 9 finger left and 0 fingers right = 90.

This works for mulitplying nine by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

Try it!
Hopefully you will have people wandering off staring at their palms and wiggling their fingers.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Oct 6, 2004 10:30PM)
A slight improvement to the effect described above by Gerard Bakner is prepared for as follows:

Completely clear the calculator.
Enter 68888889.
Press +.
Enter 0. (instead of 1)

The readout shows 0 and everything looks normal. Now you're ready to go.

"Watch this carefully," you say as you enter 12345678.
Point out that the 8 uses more segments of its digital readout than any other numeral. That, of course, makes it heavier than the others ... which is why... when I do this (slap the calculator and secretly press = as Gerard describes)... it falls to the bottom.

Message: Posted by: rgranville (Oct 7, 2004 07:55AM)
[quote]This is not particularly on-topic but I don't know how to start a new thread![/quote]

Click on "Post New Topic" at the top left corner of any forum.

[quote]Digital Calculator At Your Fingertips...[/quote]

This is a well known visual learning aid for multiples of 9. It was demonstrated in the movie [i]Stand and Deliver[/i] starring Edward James Olmos.

Message: Posted by: nornb (Oct 8, 2004 04:13AM)
Rgranville wrote:
Click on "Post New Topic" at the top left corner of any forum.

I have been unable to find this button for the last 6 months - not that I have much to say.

Cheers - thanks alot.

Yours humbly
Message: Posted by: KiKi (Oct 11, 2005 02:27AM)
A lot of calculators shows on the right and left + - = x and so on when you push it. how do you handle that? or do you think that won`t be noticed by the specs? kiki

great effect! :)
Message: Posted by: murcielago1687 (Oct 18, 2005 11:08PM)
Not a bad effect, works better on younger people though