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Topic: Not able to change my email address
Message: Posted by: kippteacher1 (Dec 4, 2020 02:04PM)
I keep getting the message that only an administer can change it. But when I try, I do get an email sent to the new email address with a passcode which doesn't work. Anyone know how I can do it? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Dec 4, 2020 02:38PM)
Here's a topic from Sept 2007 that you have probably missed. Basically it points out that if you are an AOL subscriber, you cannot change your email. AOL and the MagicCafe cannot communicate with each other. The only way to change your address is to send Steve Brooks a request either by email or PM and give him the new address. Sorry about this but the communication problem is something we cannot fix.

Message: Posted by: kippteacher1 (Dec 4, 2020 06:33PM)
Thanks, Dave. I'll PM Steve.